TACV and HalcyonAir provide flight services between Praia and Maio.

Praia to Maio Flight Timetable / Information / Schedule



Maio to Praia Flight Timetable / Information / Schedule

Maio to Praia Flight Schedules, Today & Tomorrow

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TACV Flight Information Praia to Maio

For more information on how to obtain TACV airpasses, and up to date timetables, or make a booking with TACV airline, please visit:
TACV's UK ticketing agent — Cape Verde Travel or
TACV's German ticketing agent — TACV (Cabo Verde Airlines)

Alternatively you can directly contact the Maio TACV office:
Tel. +238 255 1256   Fax. +238 255 1256


Contact Cabo Verde Airlines (TACV) - Praia

Santiago in Cabo Verde
Tel. +238 260 8200
Fax. +238 261 7275


Contact Maio Aiport (MMO)

The airport is located near to Vila do Maio. The runway is 1200m in length and 30m wide, and is usable in both directions. The IATA code for Maio is MMO and the ICAO is GVMA. The Airfield is Class 3C (suitable for ATR type aircraft).
Tel. +238 255 1108 / 255 1808
AFIS. +238 255 1880


Halcyon Air Flight Schedule Praia to Maio

HalcyonAir Website

UPDATE 18th September 2011: Halcyonair is NOT flying to Maio.

Private Cape Verdean airline Halcyonair has announced that they will only operate a summer service for peak period travel.

Cabo Verde Express

Contact Cabo Verde Express

Cabo Verde Express is a charter aviation company that operates between the different islands of the Cape-Verde and between Cape Verde and the African continent. They have rental aircraft for every need from day excursions, transfers, VIP flights, and cargo flights etc...