Real Estate For Sale on Maio, Cape Verde

Excellent Location

The land of Funchago sits between Vila do Maio and the village of Morro and right on the beach.

Beautiful Villa's

Choose a design to build your own villa with help from us. All utilities available on site.

Your Own Hotel

The land can be split into latge plots enough in size for a substanial hotel or eco-resort.

vila do maio town beach and sea
Endless Possibilities

Build your own holiday property to you own specification from only €67,000 (euro).

Peace, Tranquility and Sandy Beaches

Blissful tranquillity, natural beauty and a stones throw from some of the longest white sandy beaches in Cape Verde.

Best Location next to Vila do Maio

Located near to Vila do Maio, Funchago has great transport routes for the town and airport.


Sal and Boa Vista have seen their bargain days. Now it is time for Maio. Don’t miss out!


Land For Sale

We offer large plots of land for sale at cheaper prices due to the size of Funchago which is over 162,000m2.

Funchago has a location that is unmatched with access to utilities, sunsets to the west, walk away to one of the best white sand beaches in all of Cape Verde and it’s proximity to Vila do Maio. One thing that makes Funchago standout is it’s TREES! Almost 40% of Funchago is forested with several species of large and hearty Acacia. This gives Funchago a peaceful, charming beauty. The soil is fertile and ideal for that tropical garden and the land is sloped towards the sea so affords excellent views.


Villa Property For Sale

Villa’s in Funchago are built on request from a bargain starting price of €67,000 (euro). Several designs are available upon request. The property design which is most popular is a style called “SKYVIEW”. Which are built in such a unique see through manner that it is possible to see from the living area a view of the mountains on one side and the sea on the other all at the same time. Dwellings are constructed on a spacious, 500m2 plot located within Funchago.


Hotel Land For Sale

An excellent investment opportunity to construct a Holiday Village Development, perhaps eco-village, ApartHotel Complex / Resort. This is one of the few remaining opportunities available on the west of the island of Maio.

Utilities such as water and electricity are supplied close to the area. The sea is only a short 5 minutes walk with extensive stretches of white sandy beaches trimmed with coconut palms and exotic flora.

Are you ready to purchase Real Estate on Maio?

Read more of an indepth analysis of Funchago and Maio, it's location, population and climate.

Funchago - "Tremendous Potential"

Cape Verde Property, recently wrote on Property Wire before the renovation of Maio's airport was completed that the island's property market slowed considerably because of it, however he added, when the airport is complete, it will allow the island to fulfil its tremendous potential...

- Adrian Lilywhite of Cape Verde Property

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