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Wolf Djarmai Cafe, Local Furnuture and Tutti Fruiti Italian restaurant (page 8)

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Tuesday 6th December 2011

We were with the larks (or sparrows) this morning, we took a walk along the beach and had a picnic breakfast by the sea. Instead of turning left as usual heading south towards the Salinas, we turned right and headed north towards Calheta.

The fields were amazingly green with cows grazing and palms growing in people's gardens. The normally brown area where the dry river (Ribiera) meets the dunes, was a small lake with fish in it. No wonder there are so many birds around. We took a photo of this lake around 0630 as we set off for our walk.

We got back to the bungalow around 0930 after a 3 hour stroll and relaxing on the beach. We turned the generator on for a shower and headed for Vila do Maio. The main purpose of going into Vila do Maio was to buy some more staples for our netting. I would have thought that 1000 staples from Homebase would have been quite sufficient, but I was proved wrong.

When we got into town, the first thing we did was to get ourselves a cold drink. This is where we met a nice German guy named Wolf who owns the 'container' café to the right of the main church. There we had chocolate cake and juice.

We met Piero again and he told us some devastating news. The Italian guy who had drowned in October, turned out to be our friend Marco, who had helped us on our previous visits with additional items to our bungalow such as TV aerial and mosquito nets for our windows (see our previous blogs). His little baby daughter and wife Francesca were on Ponta Preta beach when the tragedy occurred. He'll be sadly missed.

Although we changed 300 euros in Praia, we needed to change another 300, so we went to the nearest bank which was BCN. Our BCA bank next to the church seems to be closed for major refurbishment. It does however feel strange being so hot and finding Christmas decorations in the shops and the bank.

Wolf directed us to the local carpenter who may have some staples. They work in the World Trade Centre. There were 4 guys working in there and I have to say that although the condition of the building and the organisation of their tools leaves a lot to be desired, the furniture they were making was first class. One of the carpenters kindly took us to an upholsterer who had just the staples we needed.

We stopped to get some bread rolls and met the bread shop lady called Neusa. She usually has lots of bread in her store which has been freshly baked that day. Once I told her in my pigeon Cape Verde way, that I am writing a blog, she readily agreed to have her photograph taken.

We decided to stay in town for dinner in the Tutti Fruiti Italian restaurant, where we had delicious pizza. Surprisingly, Brenda recognised us from a previous visit and greeted us warmly. She told us that her husband Alberto had been in Italy for 3 months having treatment for kidney stones, which had finally passed. He is due back on Maio next week. She has been running the restaurant on her own while he has been away.


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