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Vila do Maio, Casa Blanca Supermarket and Fresh Bread Rolls (page 7)

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Monday 5th December 2011

We took the short walk to Casa Blanca to collect the bread rolls we ordered yesterday evening. Had a couple of these for breakfast – delicious! This may be a bit of a boring picture for you guys in the UK, but this a real treat for us.

We went into Vila do Maio by taxi, laden with empty diesel containers which consisted of one 20 litre drum and two 5 litre water bottles. We left these at the Enacol petrol station and arranged to meet the taxi there two hours later, at 1300. Whist we were walking around, we bumped into Piero on his bike. This gave us the opportunity to settle up with him for the water and diesel which he had bought for us ready for our arrival. The cost of the water was 4,000 CVE and the diesel was almost 50,000 including 1.000 CVE for the taxi to deliver it to Vila Maris. The cost of our additional diesel today was 4,500 CVE including 1 litre of oil, not shown on the receipt. For the mathematicians out there you would have already worked out that it has cost us 13,500 CVE for electricity and water for our 9 day stay, bearing in mind that this is with minimal use of the generator and only one shower a day. By the way, I need to tell you that you can't have running water unless the generator is going. That means no toilet flushing or hand washing. So we fill up bowls, buckets and water bottles when the generator is on, for later use.


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