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Rest day on Maio and Walk to Morro and Playing Football (page 6)

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Sunday 4th December 2011

Day of rest – no way! We completed 2/3 of the netting round the overhanging roof. Although it was hard work, I feel a sense of achievement, as what we have done so far has certainly kept the birds away. By the way, the morning temperature, just before 0800 was 26°C.

We cannot claim ownership as the idea of using netting came from our friends and neighbours, Frank and Sue. It all looks pretty secure now, as you can see, but after facing the elements then who knows what it will look like when we next return.

We took a break to walk over to Morro with the other two footballs. We knew the boys were playing as we could hear their playful shouts as we left Villa Maris. As we got closer we could see that they were of various ages. When we got up to their concrete football pitch, I gave them the two remaining balls, on one condition that they would pose for a team photograph.

For those of you who don't know me, see the good looking guy in the middle, well I'm standing next to him.


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