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Salinas Beach Resort, Maio Beach Tropical Café and the Diesel Generator (page 4)

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Friday 2nd December 2011

This afternoon we took a walk into Villa de Maio, we got as far as the main road when a pick-up stopped to take us the rest of the way. Anyway we wanted to see about hiring a car for a few days but the office was closed. We will try again sometime.

Meanwhile we went onto the beach and had a drink in the Tropical Café. Carolyn (I think she's Australian) who seemed to be in charge served us and made us very welcomed. We tried the Cape Verde bananas with our drinks which were recommended to us by Carolyn and they were delicious.

The new apartment complex Salinas is coming on very fast. Carolyn say's that she is already getting busier and it isn't complete. She also told us that an Italian had died after being caught in the rip tide at Ponta Preta beach in October and that everyone is still in shock.

On our way back to the bungalow another guy stopped to give us a lift. Everyone is so friendly here.

By the way, I put 5 litres of diesel in the generator last night and another 5 litres this evening. We are only using what we need and turning the generator off after our morning shower. I looked at the price of diesel and it was 171 escudos per litre.

In our luggage we also brought 4 leather footballs, two of which we gave to some very young boys who were delighted as their current 'ball' was torn and flat. The trouble was that two boys took ownership of the balls and then we were bombarded was 'where's my ball' from the rest. But at least they now have a decent ball to play with. We will give the other two balls away at some stage.


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