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Airports, Shopping and Flights in Praia Cape Verde (page 2)

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Wednesday 30th November 2011

That, my friends, was a good night's sleep. We woke at 0700 to a lovely sunning morning, by the way the sun set last night at 1800. We went for breakfast, continental, on the forth floor of the hotel. Although it is a small eating area it is clean and tidy.

We explored Praia once again and were surprised to find that some investment had occurred since our last visit in June 2010. First of all there is now a very nice café which looks like it has just opened, it is very white and new. We had to sit and have a chocolate ice-cream and soak up the ambience.

Another change is the road which is behind the market. This is now pedestrianised with solar lighting, flower pots and seating, very pleasant.

Although it is hot, hot, hot here there is always time for the man himself at this time of the year. He's a bit over-dressed for this heat. There is plenty of Christmas shopping to do.

We had to vacate our hotel room at 1200 but the receptionist allowed us to leave our hand baggage behind her desk whilst we went out to waste 2 hours before getting out taxi. Our taxi driver did remember us, bless his heart, and picked us up outside the hotel at 1400, again the cost was 1000 escudos.

Praia airport is coming into the raffle business, with 'win a dream car'. Not your every day Ferrari or Lamborghini, no here you can win a brand new BMW series 3.

Although the flight to Maio took off 30 minutes late, it was a comfortable 7 minutes from take-off to touch down. It never fails to amaze me that all of these internal flights seem to be full.

Piero & Benvindo were there to great us with a mini-bus, It was still dusk and we were the first passengers to be dropped off. On first impressions the road leading to Villa Maris is starting to become overgrown with bushes from the side of the road.

Our bungalow certainly showed signs of the wear, with paint coming off the walls and the woodwork needing attention. This is a real shame because we have bought in a wonderful part of the world and when this complex is fully functional with maintenance contracts in place for both inside & outside of the properties then believe me this place will be marvellous.

Piero showed me where the generator was and how to switch it on & off, I thought it was very considerate of them to put the generator in one of the incomplete bungalows right next door to ours. The buying of fuel will be our responsibility and with the price oil then this may eat into the cash, I will keep you informed.

Once we got settled, we ventured over to Morro to stock up on water and a bite to eat. It was nice that the girls in the Casablanca supermarket remembered us and were very friendly.


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