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The Family Gallery - February 2010 (page 3)

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Vila do Maio & Ponta Preta

We noticed some subtle changes to the Villa since our last visit. The atmosphere seemed livelier somehow although it remains quiet and laid back (a contradiction I know!). The town seems tidier with someone tending to the flower borders and looking after the beach. There are now 3 banks in the Vila.

There were more Europeans on the beach this year and the 'angels' still wandered around serenely in their white gowns (so Maio must still be a heavenly place to hang out!)

New Establishments

Two bars have opened on the beach, one is the wooden Kabana bar and the other is Marina's (who previously traded from the converted storage container opposite the church). There were several local teenagers enjoying the beach also and we were entertained as they tried out their skills on the 'boogy boards'.

Fresh Fish

With Ellie's help we bought some lovely fresh tuna from the fish 'shop' on the beach. 4 big fillets cost around £3.00. If you ask them for fish with 'no osso' and 'no pele' (excuse spelling? sem ossos, sem pele) they will remove the bones and remove the fish skin for you.

Whilst in Vila (do Maio), we managed to stock up on the things we couldn't get in Bert's. We knew where to look this year so headed straight to the Chinese shop for new mugs etc and managed to pick up emergency junk food for the children (including baked beans and walls ice cream) at the ‘pick and pay' shop. We didn't find the bakery in Villa but made an arrangement with the bread maker in Morro for fresh bread to be left for us at the shop every day. If any of you are visiting for the first time, whoever picks you up will surely take you to the supermarket to stock up on provisions.

Praia do Morro

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