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The Family Gallery - February 2010 (page 2)

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Villa Maris Maio and Morro

Although thrilled to be back we were a disappointed, but not surprised, that little had changed at Villa Maris during the last year. The complex desperately needs to be completed as soon as possible as some properties are beginning to look shabby and weathered.

However, do not dismay! As mentioned previously, Romano is now overseeing the completion of Villa Maris. We found Romano to be very down to earth, friendly and approachable. He has a sensible attitude and seems determined to ensure that this project is complete by Christmas. He was more than happy to answer any questions and seemed to value any client feedback conveyed to him by Ellie or her partner Piero. It is our understanding that there are negotiations taking place for Ellie to be our Villa Maris representative, but we've heard no feedback to date.

We were really pleased with the additional furniture and fly nets we had ordered via Ellie and enclose photos for those of you who are yet undecided about furnishing your properties. Our bungalow had also been immaculately cleaned especially the woodwork.

Romano took Owen for a tour of the site and using broken English and non-existent Italian he found out the following:

The Pool

Whilst we were on site, Romano was expecting a call to attend a meeting in Praia to discuss the pool. He anticipates that the pool will be around 8m x 15m. The pool will be raised to keep it cleaner and surrounded by 5m of non-slip tiles then a planted border to surround. It has been suggested to Romano that the pool be freshwater. Despite the initial cost, we understand that a saltwater pool would necessitate a pipe from the sea to maintain it adequately and thus prevent the presence of dangerous algae. From what we gather plans for the pool should be available by the end of this month.

For any of you going out in the near future, please note that you can no longer use the Hotel Bela Vista's pool as it is closed until September. Sadly, it seems that the current flight schedule and the temporary discontinuation of the ferry has affected the weekend trade from Praia. However, you can still eat there if you pre-book and they kindly rang a taxi for us when we popped in (taxi is approx £5 to Villa do Maio and back).

Outdoor Areas

All the soil between each property will be covered by the black stone chippings seen in some of the photos.

Around 6 raised planting areas measuring approx 3m x 3m will be constructed and will incorporate outdoor lights.

The stone wall around Villa Maris will be completed and allow 2 access points to the beach. Wall is approx 3 ft tall.

Owen enquired about the location of the BBQ and sports area (as described in their prospectus). Romano knew nothing about either of these, so we shall be e-mailing Mary or Sally at TOPA. The priority is, of course, getting the properties and pool finished, but having quietly accepted each compromise and suffered financially due to the numerous set backs we feel that there is a need to ensure that the inclusion of these facilities is not overlooked.

A reception area, incorporating a basic shop and the security office will be located in the apartment block on the left hand side when entering Villa Maris.

Romano is moving onto site in March, so if problems arise he will be there to deal with them immediately. Hopefully it will also discourage certain 'work shy' employees from dropping tools when his back is turned. Romano seems confident that the development will be complete within 6 months but his task is not enviable, for example the plans showing the location of electricity cables and pipes on site have gone missing, which could cause unnecessary inconvenience and delay. Bungalow 1 also needs to be constructed and the remaining apartments completed.

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