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Owen, Nerys and Family Visit Cape Verde,
Ilha do Maio and Villa Maris (page 1)

The Family Gallery - February 2010

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Hi all, we've just come back from Maio, which we're pleased to report is still as beautiful and sunny as ever. We haven't prepared a journal because to be blunt our daily routines were pretty repetitive i.e going to the beach, football on the beach, flying kite on the beach..! However, we've still managed to go on a bit but hope that at least some of the following information will prove helpful.

Getting There via Boa Vista

This time we travelled via Boa Vista with Thomsons and stayed overnight at Parques das Dunas Hotel situated right on Chaves beach. We were surprised to find that the hotel provided transport from the airport, which cheered us up after just unexpectedly forking out an extra 100 euro's for 4 entry visas as our names were not on the visa list. To be honest we won't bother pre-ordering visas again as buying them at the airport didn't involve any queuing and was much easier than we had imagined. It was also around £40 cheaper.

Parques das Dunas Hotel

is comprised of a number of beach front apartments. Accommodation is basic but the location is lovely. We found the staff helpful and although the choice of food was limited, the quality was good.

Santiago Praia & Hotel Praiamar

The next day we took the 25 minute flight to Santiago. This was the first out of a total of 5 internal flights we made during our trip. We found TACV internal flights extremely efficient and only encountered one slight delay (on Maio would you believe!). Despite being apprehensive about shunting our children in and out of so many airports, the flights were all short in duration with little waiting time between flights. Also, island hopping gave us the opportunity to check out the airports. We decided that Sal is the best airport in which to encounter a delay in terms of the facilities. There is now a greater choice of eating areas and more shops have opened since our last visit.

Upon arrival in Santiago we stayed overnight at the Hotel Praiamar. The rooms were comfortable (until Owen put the air-con on superfreeze) and we were fortunate to get a sea view. There is a restaurant area overlooking the sea and we were able to eat whilst watching a beautiful sunset. Again, the staff were very friendly and allowed us to breakfast early in order to catch our flight to Maio. Unfortunately, our children spotted the swimming pool before we could drag them out to explore Praia so this will have to wait for our next visit.

We Flew into Maio, 3rd February

The airport has been renovated nicely from the bulldozed state we saw last year and we were met as planned by the lovely Ellie who was accompanied by Romano, the new manager at Villa Maris.

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