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Chris & Chris, Vila Maris #21, June 2009 (page 6)

Tuesday 9th June 2009

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Woke up early again, I know what's going to happen, once I get into the holiday mode and start laying in, it will be time to go back home!

We both decided to have a walk on the beach and to our horror, we found it absolutely crowded. There were 2 guys fishing from the waters edge. We're not used to this, where do we go to complain?

fishing maio picture 1        fishing maio picture 2        fishing maio picture 3

The guys were again friendly and told us, or rather motioned to us, that they dig up the sand to get crabs and then use these as bait. They had just started, so had not caught anything. Christine and I then walked up to the 'marker' and took in the scenery for a while. On the way back, we went up to the fishermen again and their buckets were filling up nicely, in fact they were half full of peixe (fish).

Marco and Livio bought us some plastic garden furniture consisting of 4 chairs and a circular table. The cost of which was 11,500CVE. This is expensive in comparison to English prices but we are reliably informed that 'this is the price you have to pay on Maio', needless to say, we did see the receipt from the local Chinese shop.

We both decided that during the afternoon we would venture into Vila do Maio which is approximately a 50 minute walk. We walked for about 10 minutes or so, on the main road, when a pick-up truck came along and offered us a lift. We climbed onto the back, and enjoyed a very breezy drive into the town. The driver stopped to let us of on the main thoroughfare of Vila do Maio and he drove off quite happily. Anyway we stayed in Vila do Maio for a couple of hours and met Dunia, who helped us out on our last visit and who now works in the new BCN bank on the island. We then explored to see where all of the shops are. I soon remembered from our last visit that virtually every shop in Cape Verde has shelves at the entrance. This is so that you can leave whatever bags you are carrying on them. This way the store keeper knows that you can't put anything in your bag. Some shops will give you a ticket which corresponds with the number shelf your bag goes on. It is their way to combat shop lifting.

Everyone we met said 'hello' to us with a beaming smile on their faces. We picked up a few provisions including sliced bread and a toasted sandwich maker, which cost about £25. We realised later, that the reason we could get sliced bread was because the long awaited cargo ship had brought provisions to the island.

maio cape verde photos #3
Ellie and Piero ready to cycle back to Morro.

We set off for the long but pleasant walk back and lo and behold we were offered another lift, this time by a Cape Verdean driver, Benvindo, and an English lady. She introduced herself as Ellie, who we have heard of before, but had never met. She was on her way to Villa Maris to furnish some properties, because the ship had brought some furniture arranged by Boavista Property Services. Things are definitely improving furniture-wise. Not only had Boavista Property Services managed to succeed in delivering to Maio, but Ellie has designed some great furniture mad by the local carpenter, which is far more sophisticated than ours. She can be contacted at Cape Verde Casas on the internet. Once we got back, we offered her a drink and she introduced us to her partner, Piero. Our talk was very informative and they can give very competitive prices for the items we need.

One of the things that is concerning us, is that we only have the one front door key, Ellie said that she could arrange for the lock to be changed and then we would have 5 keys. We will probably do this because she says that our lock should have come with 5 keys and we only know of 2. We believe that the cost of this will be about 35 euros. It turned out to be 25 euros.

At this point I would like to point out that Ellie is a very pleasant lady and easy to get along with, she comes from Barnett in London. She has spent 7 years on Maio and knows a lot of the local people. Her reputation is one of 'to get the job done' which I have to say is very refreshing. Anyway, business out of the way, I went for a swim in the ocean and once you get past the 'oh my god' area (you know what I mean guys), the water was surprisingly very warm.

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