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Chris & Chris, Vila Maris #21, June 2009 (page 5)

Monday 8th June 2009

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Did I say that the birds had gone? Every night it seems that the ghost of Alfred Hitchcock is lurking around the corner, poised to shoot his money-making scene involving hundreds of sparrow like creatures and an unsuspecting human. I don't know where they go during the day but they all come back in the early evening and perch under the roof. We are not sure if they are here to stay or are indeed migrating. I do however think that we need to put something up to stop the 'delicate little things'.

Anyway, Livio turned up with Néné, the foreman of the site, to complete the work he promised us. They have been here all day putting up mirrors, putting our TV back up and fixing shutter catches to our windows so that they don't swing in the wind. While they were here Néné went around the inside of the bungalow with a paint brush and covered all of the areas that had been marked, with white paint.

By the way I forget to mention that I went for another jog this morning. Yesterday I found a piece of driftwood and stuck it into the ground where I run to and turn around. Today I ran to it but I'm sure someone moved it during the night another mile down the beach.

maio cape verde photos #3
One set of footprints, God was carrying me.

We were up with the lark, or rather, the swarms of migrating chirping birds which had stopped on their way north, on our roof beams. They flocked away as soon as we opened the front door, disappearing completely except for a carpet of evidence that they had been there. Of course, by the time we were ready to take our morning stroll along the deserted beach, a Cape Verdean girl had completely swept all their droppings from our patio and was making her way around the complex with her broom.

The first thing we noticed this morning, was that a wall has been constructed around our complex. This is stone clad in the Cape Verdean style matching the pillars of each property. The wall is approximately 1.5 metres high and although it is not yet finished, it seems to be progressing very well. There is an access point near the beach end on the north-west side and I would guess, there will be an access point on the south-east side also.

maio cape verde photos #3
Back: Francesca, Marco, Christine. Front: Marie & Livio. Camera: Me.

We took the opportunity, while the work was being done, to visit Magdalena in the Hotel Bella Vista, those of you who have met her will know that she is a very friendly person who speaks very good English. She kindly offered us the use of the hotel pool and also to link up our laptop to use the internet in the hotel. She said that she would prefer it if we used our own computer because, when others used hers, they managed to infect her PC with a virus. Anyway we are going over there again tomorrow to link up our laptop.

We spent the day photographing each property in Villa Maris and making an excel plan of the site. Each photo can be viewed by hovering over its position on the plan.

By 18.00 the guys had completed their work and Livio and Marco came to pick up Néné, Livio also offered to take us to meet both his and Marco's wives. Both Marie (Livio's wife) and Francesca (Marco's wife) were two lovely ladies. We met at Livio and Marie's home. We sat outside and enjoyed each others company over beer and nibbles.

We think we may have a solution to the bird problem. We talked about some fine netting on top of the rafters so that the little angels can't perch. I will let you all know more about this later on. I firmly believe that it is the way to go, especially if this is an annual event.

We have decided to have fly screens put into our windows. Marco is going to let us know the cost tomorrow. We are doing this due to the persistent flies which occasionally appear especially later on in the day.

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