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Chris & Chris, Vila Maris #21, June 2009 (page 3)

Saturday 6th June 2009

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maio cape verde photos #3
Birds returning at dusk.

We were up with the lark, or rather, the swarms of migrating chirping birds which had stopped on their way north, on our roof beams. They flocked away as soon as we opened the front door, disappearing completely except for a carpet of evidence that they had been there. Of course, by the time we were ready to take our morning stroll along the deserted beach, a Cape Verdean girl had completely swept all their droppings from our patio and was making her way around the complex with her broom.

The first thing we noticed this morning, was that a wall has been constructed around our complex. This is stone clad in the Cape Verdean style matching the pillars of each property. The wall is approximately 1.5 metres high and although it is not yet finished, it seems to be progressing very well. There is an access point near the beach end on the north-west side and I would guess, there will be an access point on the south-east side also.

maio cape verde photos #3
Inside Bert Lane's Casa Blanca supermarket.

After our morning stroll, and shower, we took a walk back to Casa Blanca for some more provisions. There we met the owner, Bert Lane. We had been told previously that he was a very friendly person and we can confirm this. He not only greeted us with a handshake in the supermarket, but also showed us all around his property. He took us up onto the roof which is going to be a restaurant and bar. The view from the roof was stunning, looking out towards Villa Maris, Hotel Bela Vista and the Atlantic Ocean.

As we were walking back with the shopping and a new broom in our hands, Livio and Marco picked us up in the 4x4 and introduced us to the carpenter who they had on tow. Once we got to our bungalow with the bed repair kit, the carpenter set to repairing and strengthening the bed. Pleased to say, that he has made a very good job of it, so much so that I am presently lying on the bed, writing this journal.

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