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Chris & Chris, Vila Maris #21, June 2009 (page 14)

Wednesday 17th June 2009

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Guess what? We woke up early again, this time we had to prepare for our journey home. We have been advised by Ellie to ensure that we cover everything up so that the sand and dust doesn't get onto it. Because we are having work done in the double bedroom, we transferred everything from that room, except the bed base into the twin bedroom and covered it up with the plastic from the mattresses.

Livio was true to form and arrived early to take us to the airport. His and Marco's help over the duration of our stay has been first class.

The trip back was pretty un-eventful, apart from the lady at Maio airport, who had over 30 containers of various sizes that had to be weighed individually. When we eventually got onto the aircraft half an hour late, we still couldn't take off because there was too much cargo and it all wouldn't fit. This meant that some of the lady's boxes had to go into the rear of the plane. Anyway, we managed to take of a full hour and a half late. I attempted to take another aerial shot of Villa Maris but the windows of the plane were quite misty. Anyway, although we didn't get very close, here are the photos I took.

maio cape verde photos #1
Aerial views of Villa Maris with Hotel Bela Vista.
maio cape verde photos #2
Aerial views of Villa Maris with Hotel Bela Vista.

When we got to Praia, the luggage conveyor belt broke and although the poor guy in charge of the luggage was running around like a headless chicken attempting to get it working. With an arrival lounge full of passengers, he decided to push each individual bag up the 45o slope of the conveyor, and he was sweating. I started to help him and carried about 20 cases until I came upon ours. I then had to inform this very stressed out attendant that I would be leaving him to carry on.

Anyway, we had about 14 hours until our flight to Lisbon and took a room in the hotel Santa Maria. This was certainly worth the 5900CVE for a bed, shower and air-conditioning.

The Lisbon flight was on time with no hitches. Once the Lisbon flight landed, we had 2 hours to wait for the Heathrow flight.

The flight to London was smooth and pleasant. We were both very tired and ready to get our car and drive home. This is where we are lucky that we both share the driving and take frequent stops on the long journey back to Ilfracombe. This is where I have to apologise to Christine, the Sat Nav was programmed to avoid traffic as it tried to avoid the M4 again. I know it's daft and I know I have driven this journey tens of times, but I really like my Sat Nav, maybe it's because I enjoy being told what to do by a ladies voice.

We are not entirely sure when our next trip to Maio will be but we found ourselves planning our next trip there, on the way home.

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