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Chris & Chris, Vila Maris #21, June 2009 (page 13)

Tuesday 15th June 2009

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Unfortunately this is our last full day on this beautiful island. Nevertheless we will make the most of it. Later on we will ensure that everything is placed into the twin bedroom and covered. We have told Livio and Marco that we will be returning in October and they have assured us that all of the work will be completed by then. In addition to the above, Livio will ensure that we have our wardrobes in place and the second air-conditioning unit in the double bedroom, both fully functional.

Marco has come back with a price of the bird netting, he has quoted 900 euros. This is for individual frames to be made with mosquito netting. Unsurprisingly, we have decided to 'hold fire' on this at the moment. We have passed over the money for the other work and have a receipt.

Although it is only 08.25, it seems very over-cast today. I don't think we will have any rain though.

It is now 09.20 and the clouds have passed, it is going to be another lovely day.

maio cape verde photos #3
Sunset on Morro beach.
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