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Vila Maris and Maio Future Tourism (page 4)

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Vila Maris and Maio Future Tourism

I still believe that Villa Maris will be completed in the near future and that they are only stalling due to the economic pressure we all find ourselves in. However, we need to put pressure on TOPA to keep the lines of communication open with Fulvio, and to encourage them to pursue a re-scheduled date for a meeting with him in England. Anyone who hasn’t been out to Maio yet should go as soon as they can to enjoy the island in the infancy of its tourism journey, but to be prepared as it isn’t Spain or Turkey and at the end of the day, that’s why we bought there!!

p.s On our return journey we were told of a lady called Lydia in Praia who could offer us a day room at a really reasonable rate, so we could shower and rest during the day before our early morning flight home.
Lydia and she speaks fairly good English, but also speaks very good French.
Address is 54 Rua Serpa Pinto, Plateau, Praia.
Tel. 9949447 or 2615066.

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