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Salinas Beach, Halcyonair and Maio Restaurants (page 3)

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Salinas Beach, Halcyonair and Maio Restaurants

We travelled around the island, and noticed again that there is a lot more development going on either through government grant, or privately. Vila itself has many new buildings but they seem to be slow at finishing them off. Where do we know that from??? There is now at least 3 or 4 internet cafes which seem to provide a reasonably good service. We ate out in Vila most evenings enjoying the culinary delights of Sebastian’s, Tutti Fruiti, Jardims with a fantastic elderly couple called Irma and Alfio. There is a new Restaurant on the island called Chez Pastis which is also very nice. The development of Salinas beach is a dominating structure on the sea front, but with its connections to Halcyonair I hope it will prove to be an asset to the Island, with flights now in and out of the airport at least once a day and on a Sunday there are two flights from Sal.

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