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Frank and Sue's Visit to Cape Verde,
Ilha do Maio and Villa Maris (page 1)

Where Do I Start??? - January 2011

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Arrival on Ilha do Maio

We arrived to a gloriously sunny Maio after a very long but uneventful journey (except the excess baggage issue at Heathrow!!) We were met by Bem Vindo, and his hire car, who we had organised though Pierro before we left. Sue went to the bungalow to have a clean as we thought €20 euro’s was a little excessive as we later found out the local rate is 500 cve, whilst I went off to get some essentials. Thankfully, Mark had left us with diesel in the generator, so we had water and electricity on arrival. However, 2000 cve of Diesel only lasts about 2 days, and that was only running the generator for approx 6 hours a day, and to try and get the guards to turn the generator off or on at the requested times was a little amusing, I eventually took control of the key and did it myself. The guards left out the container for Diesel when it was getting low, but found it a tedious responsibility when we have paid in full 3 years ago to holiday on a completed complex with all the facilities promised including mains electricity.

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