site tidy

Ladies keeping the site tidy

tv is up

The TV is up!

Anyway after exploring the site, Christine managed to persuade the lads to mount the TV. It looks pretty good and worth the effort of bringing it all that way!
We bought a cantilever bracket from Currys and it seems to work very well.
I did however notice that one of the bathroom tiles had a piece missing. When I brought this to the attention of the supervisor, he asked one of the guys to change it for us, there and then, and this was done instantly. The workforce seem to take great pride in their workmanship and this certainly is justified.

Friday 10th October 2008

Back to English today, because we are due to fly home. Dunia was right, our 5:30pm flight did leave Maio at 10am. It was an emotional time at the airport. There was excitement every time a minibus pulled up with a new passenger. Everyone acted like they were all old friends. People of all types were greeting each other in all languages among the English speaking were Brendon who had finished his father's wall, Jackie, an Irish turtle-filming girl and two bird-tagging professionals from England, who had been watching the birds breeding on the salt pans. Arrivals and departures all mingled together and it was amazing how many people we had come to know during our visit.

The seats on the plane aren't allocated, so we sat on the left (starboard) side, hoping it would take off to the north. The result was these lovely photos of Vila Maris with Bela Vista Hotel next door.