Monday 6th October 2008

We have mentioned to Dunia that we couldn't get a cheque book in Praia and she looked surprised. She offered to accompany us to the BCA bank on Maio. Her help was much appreciated. Within 15 minutes of being in the bank we were given a cheque book and a cheque book wallet. She then told us that her first job was in a bank. It's good to have insider knowledge.
At 12 noon Livio picked us up from the apartment and took us to the Hotel Bela Vista. We can certainly recommend this place for those of you who would like to stay and see how your property is progressing. The apartments here are very spacious and ours has air conditioning, which is a must after a long hot day.
In the afternoon we both went onto Morro beach, just in front of Villa Maris and I can confirm that it is wonderful. The sea is warm and inviting and we had it all to ourselves.

beach view

'Our' Beach, in front of Villa Maris (OK, you can use it too)

For those who have bought one of the front line type 'A' properties, you have prime position over looking the ocean. For the rest of us do not despair, the whole complex will be marvellous when it is finally completed and the pool is built. Our property is number 21, which is orange. All bungalows are painted externally in bright colours, these are green for 'A' type, Yellow and orange for 'B' type and pink for the apartments. Believe me, when I first heard about this colour scheme I had my doubts, but it actually looks very pleasant.
We've just had pizza and chips in the hotel restaurant, which made a nice change after so much fish. Magdalena, the hotel director put pizza on the menu especially for us. It's reassuring that this hotel is next door to Vila Maris, welcoming everyone into their bar and restaurant.

Terca-feira 7th October 2008

I am starting to get into the Cape Verde way of life. I am sorry but I made a mistake earlier. I can not recommend this life style to anyone because it's mine, all mine! We got up at 8am and after breakfast we strolled a few metres to the beach and swam (well had fun in the surf). I won't go on and on about how nice it is here, instead I'll tell you about the negative things about the island... No can't think of anything!
You've all seen the pictures of Morro beach, but they do not do it justice. The sand is fine and believe me it gets everywhere!! The sea is so clear that you can actually see small fish swimming around you in the shallows.