bedroom view

Our bedrooms viewed from kitchen

We told Gianni about the TV we had brought from England and he said they would mount it for us, if we left it with Livio. In fact they were both very helpful and nothing seemed too much trouble for them. My Project Manager (Christine) correctly anticipated that all the paperwork and documentation for the furniture, air conditioning and kitchen may need to be referenced to, so brought them with us. This turned out to be a smart move as this was the only documentation that was available at the time. I would advise any new owner to do the same and give Gianni a sketch of where you'd like the furniture, as it saves a lot of time and any confusion.

kitchen view

New kitchen, fridge still boxed

I have finally got him off the computer and this is the 'project manager' Christine, here. To the better halves of each couple, if you have been wondering how on earth the kitchen is going to fit in the type B bungalow, never fear. It has been done the simplest way possible, in a straight line, avoiding corner cupboards. The wasted space at the left corner is for the 'calor gas' cylinder for the gas cooker. It means that the fridge intrudes into the dining area, but we couldn't find a better solution to the space problem. We did mention that we bought the kitchen expecting a small cupboard above the oven, as shown in the photos TOPA provided, when we paid for the kitchen a year ago. Also the contracts mention tiling in the kitchen area, which still need to be done. The print-out of the TOPA photos were handy when showing Gianni what we expected. Livio is now putting the small cupboard above the fridge, for us.

It's Chris here again. We also discussed the location of the split air conditioning units and decided to have one in the dining room and one in the main bedroom.
Tomorrow, we are moving to Hotel Bela Vista for the remainder of our stay on the island. Magdalene, the director there, is Polish and speaks excellent English.
To our surprise Dunia took us out again for lunch today and insisted that it was free of charge, yet again. She is getting more and more attractive each day.