cafe bordalo

Busy Staff in Café Bordalo

We got to the airport early because, although our ticket said 17:50 hrs, the TACV office in Praia told us that the flight would be leaving at 15:00, so we allowed plenty of time in case TACV changed the flight times yet again. Needless to say that our ticket was right so we had 5 hours to kill at Praia airport, which isn't the most interesting of places.
The fun didn't end there. When we finally got onto the plane to Maio, everyone was told to sit down quickly because the sun was setting and if we did not take off immediately, then our flight would be cancelled due to lack of daylight. Maio airport doesn't have facilities for night flights and regulations require adequate light for the airport runway to be in use. It took us eight minutes from take-off in Praia to landing on Maio. The cabin crew didn't even have time to leave their seats during the flight. The plane was unloaded and it took off again, while our luggage was still on the tarmac.
Still, our TV had made its long journey from the UK, through six lots of airport luggage handling, safely and so had we.
We met Dunia, Gianni & Livio at the airport all of whom made us feel very welcome. Livio took us in his 4x4 to our accommodation, which is one of Gianni's apartments, because our bungalow still has no electricity and it's on a busy building site.

apartment balcony

The balcony where I am writing this

Saturday 4th October 2008

It is now 9am and we have already been up for a couple of hours and been to the 'supermarket' on the other side of town. On the way, we had to stop and wade in the beautiful sea for 15 minutes or so.
It is now 15:30 and we have just had an Island tour with Dunia as our guide. She picked up a friend of hers to join us. In total there were 5 of us in the minibus as we left Vila do Maio. Our driver and I were the only men accompanied by 3 very attractive females. It goes without saying that the driver did cramp my style a bit (or was it my wife Christine).