hotel view

View from hotel window

Wednesday 1st October 2008

Lisbon is a beautiful city but beware, whilst on a tram to Belem which is just 6 kilometres to the west of Lisbon, I felt a hand in my pocket and before I knew it my wallet was half way out of it. I encountered the nasty individual who obviously denied all knowledge. Anyway, once this episode was out of the way, we both had an excellent day.

Thursday 2nd October 2008

We will be catching the 10pm flight from Lisbon to Praia. With the time difference (-2 hours) we will be landing just after midnight. We have a hotel booked, Residencial Santa Maria, for just the one night before our flight to Maio, which isn't until 5pm on Friday. This will give us time to meet our solicitor and arrange to get a cheque book and debit card from our CV bank.

Friday 3rd October 2008

Woke up earlier than expected, had a continental breakfast in the hotel, which was in the very centre of Praia Plateau. It was comfortable and clean and the view from the breakfast room made it worth the 3 flights we had to climb with our suitcases (no lift!).
The BCA bank personnel were very helpful and allowed us to have the debit card and P.I.N we had ordered. Due to us being 'foreign' we are not allowed a cheque book. I must look 'dodgy'. After the bank we went to 'Amado & Medina' our solicitors at their new office, next to the Angolan embassy in Praianha. We were given documentation of our Power of Attorney, which allows us all rights to bungalow number 21. Amado & Medina reassured us that they would notify us as soon as the whole Villa Maris complex was completed and finally registered with the Maio Authorities. Once this has been done, our P.O.A. will then allow us to become registered owners on the title deeds. We were told that these formalities should take a matter of months rather than years.

The taxi from the centre of Praia to the solicitors was 250 CVE about £2.00. By the way, the price of the taxi from the airport to Praia Plateau, is 600 CVE, but this rises to 1000CVE at night.
Near the main 'Albuquerque' square on the Plateau, we found a fantastic little café which sells the most amazing cakes, this place is called 'Café Bordalo' also known as 'Pao Quente', and we would certainly recommend it.