On returning home, we had an email from Dunia saying our boxes of houseware had arrived on Maio safely. Beto had been true to his word and must have sent them over to Dunia on the first available ferry from Praia.

praia looking east

Praia looking east from the Plateau

unloading plane

Unloading the plane at Praia


The journey home from Praia was very well organised by TAP. All flights were on time and we got into Heathrow and through baggage reclaim by 1pm.

The whole experience of visiting Cape Verde and Portugal was one to remember and something we would both like to do again.
Everyone we met was so cheerful and friendly apart from my friend on the Lisbon tram!

If any of you decide to do the same or something completely different, then we would dearly like to read or hear about your experiences. So please Contact Chris, as we have lots of photos we would be pleased to share with you.

All the best and adeus from Chris and Christine Whitaker, Vila Maris #21.

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