Chris and Chris, Vila Maris #21

A Maio Visitors Journal - October 2008

Getting away from it all.

Like all prospective purchasers, we are looking forward to seeing our property for the first time. We made plans for our September trip back in April 2008.

My wife Christine likes to ensure we get a good deal on flights and got busy on the internet looking for most economical way of getting to Cape Verde. She soon found that a great option was to fly from Heathrow to Lisbon and stay there for a couple of nights, then fly from Lisbon to Praia in Cape Verde. It's unbelievable, I know, but to book with 'Opodo' using TAP airways to Lisbon and staying 2 nights in the city centre and then on to our destination, actually saved us over £200 than if we had travelled to Cape Verde direct. Yes, this also includes the hotel stay in Lisbon. This had a 'double wammy' as we could now cross off yet another European city from our list.

suitcase and tv

TV in the suitcase with room to spare

We wondered what we should take with us and decided that, like most Brits, that a TV would be a good idea. We purchased a 19" flat screen and DVD combo which play all region DVD's and also receives all versions of PAL.

Finally we made it with each of the 2 suitcases weighing in at less than 20Kg. This was only achieved by taking items out, like pictures we were intending to hang on the walls and a fan. These will have to wait until next time.

Well here we are on Tuesday 30th September 2008 at terminal 2 Heathrow. While all of today's papers are reporting 'doom and gloom' in the financial markets, we are looking forward to our long awaited holiday. It's fantastic to get away from all of the 'fast pace' of work for 2 weeks and what's even better is that my boss doesn't have my mobile number.

Tuesday 30th September 2008

The flight to Lisbon was delayed half an hour but it only took 2 1/2 hours to get to Lisbon. There are plenty of busses available from the airport and within 40 minutes of collecting our luggage, we were at our hotel, Residencial Duas Nacoes, right in the middle of the tourist area of Lisbon.