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Travel, Tour and Tourism Information for Maio (page 5)

A Travel Guide

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A Visit to Figueira da Horta and Ribeira do João:

This trip takes the visitor into the oasis. FIGUEIRA DA HORTA is about 6 km from the town of MAIO. The scenery is truly desert like and unusually attractive. The bird-life found here, well adapted to desert conditions, feeds on insects and can go without water for long periods of time.
There is also another co-operative here in the shape of an African hut. On the road, out in the direction of Figueira Seca, there is an animal drinking trough.
RIBEIRA DE JOÃO is the final stopping point and is a truly magnificent oasis.

National Holidays

List of National Holidays celebrated on Maio, supplied by MaioCV.com
1st JanuaryNew Year; International Peace Day
13th JanuaryDemocracy and Liberty Day
20th JanuaryNational Heroes Day
27th FebruaryCarnival
1st MayLabour Day
5th JulyIndependence Day
15th AugustNossa Senhora da Graça (Our Lady of Grace)
12th SeptemberNational Day
1st NovemberAll Saints Day
25th DecemberChristmas Day


Travel Times

The following chart gives the approximate travel times (in hours and minutes) from Cidade de Praia to other major cities/towns in Cape Verde:

List of Travel Times in Cape Verde, supplied by MaioCV.com
IslandBy AirBy Sea
Saõ Vicente0:45-
Boa Vista0:30-
Saõ Nicolau0:50-

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