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Maio Cape Verde Places to Visit

Places to Visit

The second largest airport is on the island of MAIO, about 2 km from the town with the same name. The town itself is located right next to the sea. Near the small port is a beautiful fine sandy beach, where the local fishing boats are moored. Nearby is a fortress that was built in the XVIII century, to defend the town from the pirates. A liftle further on, and higher up, is a magnificent church, surrounded by beautiful flawer gardens. In the same region is a cooperative building very sui generis in its architecture as it is built in the form of an African hut.

A Visit to the Salt Pits and The Morro-Morinho:

Although these extraordinary salt pits, 5000 m long and 1500 m wide, are no longer in use, they are well worth a visit. The vegetation in the area is very unique. Two typical species, called locally the "Marra" and the "Salsola Soda" are the main ones to be found here.

MORRO is a small village practically built along the road side. The local handicrafts of pots and other cooking utensils are very interesting. It has a very attractive beach and its clear waters are excellent for fishing.
In the same vicinity, between Costa and Monte Batalha is a regian where there is absolutely no vegetation. The mirages that appear here make you feel as in you are in the open desert.

A little further on is CALHETA, a small fishing port. It was in this region that the infra-structures for reforestation were introduced for cattle breeding purposes.
CALHETA de BAIXO has two fine white sandy beaches, sheltered by the rock formations at both ends.

Next on the route is MORRINHO, where to the north is another salt pit separated from the sea by about 1200m.
BAIA de SANTANA is a deserted beach in the shape of semi-circle. It is the beach that the fishermen from MORRINHO use and the turtles too are also fond of this beach.
Nearby are two more beautiful beaches, BAIA de PORTO CAIS and PRAIA REAL, where the turtles can be seen and where there is an abundance of shellfish.

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