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Travel, Tour and Tourism Information for Maio (page 3)

A Travel Guide

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maio food drink #1
Maio Cape Verde Food and Drink

The meat and fish on Maio are extremely fresh. The specialities of the island are the following:

- Melon with local cheese (of the island)
- Local cheese with dates

Main Dishes - Tchassina: salted goat meat which is eaten with "cachupa"
- Stewed beans: with "feijão longo" (long beans)
- Goat stew with xeren (served at all popular feasts)

Desserts - Water melon and Melon salad
- Melon fruit preserves
- Local cheese



maio entertainment things to do #2
Maio Cape Verde Entertainment things to do

Maio has tremendous potential in terms of tourism and its ecology is of great interest.
Pollution is something that, fortunately, has not yet reached this island. The maritime fauna, varied and abundant will delight any fisherman. The vast deserted beaches are the habitat of a number of species of sea birds. The turtles also use them to lay their eggs. For those who love to lie in the sun and swim all year round, nowhere could be better than these fine golden sandy beaches.
For those who prefer to find the attractions of the island by themselves, just by walking, they can discover areas of incredibly exotic vegetation - coconut trees, date palms, wild fig trees, and beautiful acacias.
The cheerful haspitality and the honesty of the local people is something that helps to make the visitor's holiday even more enjoyable.

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