Funchago Land Details - land for sale?

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Funchago - Location

Funchago fits the bill as it's approximately 2km's north of the Salinas Beach Resort which is very near to Vila do Maio. The multi-million euro Salinas Beach Resort is in full construction with over a hundred employees at this present time. The beach front resort is located a short distance from Vila do Maio (Porto Ingles) in the south of the Island. The development comprises of apartments complexes, detached villas and a 4-star hotel complex.

The Salina Beach Resort, has and, will continue to increase land values due to its proximity to Funchago and will greatly impact the local economy.

Funchago - Size

The Village of Funchago is in excess of 40 acres (over 162,000 m²) and will only have two-storied structures on large roomy land plots in a stunning natural setting.

Flora & Fauna

65% of Funchago is forested with large trees which cools and protects the area against erosion and facilitates the growing of other trees by protecting them against the prevailing breeze.

Parking & Vehicle Congestion

Vila do Maio has, and the entire island will have a future, parking problem. Due to Funchago's central location, bicycling, walking, and a scheduled mini-bus service will discourage vehicle ownership.

Property Security

In the future, there will be a guard stationed at the entrance gate at all times and one patrolling 24-hours a day.

Note: At the present, Funchago is enclosed on three sides by a one metre high stone wall. At completion, the entire area will be secured by a reinforced, 2.5m cement block wall.

Land Use

There will be 30,000m² set aside for addition designated green areas: 10,000m² for a wild life sanctuary... 10,000m² for a future hotel and recreational area... and 10,000m² for a private green area.

Ecological Impact

Green areas such as the 10,000m² bird and wild life sanctuary will insure the well being of guinea fowl and other species of rare native birds. The large sizes of building plots will also increase the bird population. Trees will only be removed when necessary and hundreds more will be planted.

Visual Impact & Polution

Funchago has neither air nor noise pollution. Utility lines will be placed underground to insure the natural beauty. When you enter Funchago, you enter another world of tranquillity from the treeless world outside. Funchago is awaiting those special few who would live there in harmony with nature.


Funchago Land Prices

Testing The Elements

Design & Build Your Own Villa Development Opportunity

Funchago - Land Plot Prices

At present the Funchago area is in a virginal state. This has prompted the developer to determine a pre–development, limited selling price which will eventually include: easements, utilities, telephone, internet and cable TV connections.

Presently, Funchago Village plots will be sold in sizes of:

» 1000m²

» 500m²

» 200m²

€39,500 euro's

€21,500 euro's

€15,000 euro's (Town House Plots)

Plots may be purchased with a down payment and convenient instalments.

Note: There will be a 10% discount if 2 or more plots are purchased.
Note: In Cape Verde there is a one time only property buyer's tax of 10% (There is no seller's tax.)


Funchago Building Costs & Fees

Testing The Elements

Design & Build Your Own Villa Development Opportunity

Building Costs

Costs are difficult to quantify because prices will depend on the size of the villa etc; however, whatever kind of residence chosen, due to the low cost of labour, the price will be fractional in comparison to those of Europe, the US and many other African nations.

Villa & Town House Construction

For those who wish to build, there are construction companies available at BIG SAVINGS on dwelling construction by being a property owner in the future Funchago community.

Funchago - Fees

Appropriate low-cost monthly fees will be assessed by the management for area maintenance and security of Funchago Village.


Funchago in the News

Testing The Elements

Design & Build Your Own Villa Development Opportunity

Funchago - Information

Note: Funchago Village has been endorsed by the local Ilha do Maio Government (Camara). A building land plot may be reserved using the plot map, with a small deposit.

Funchago - "Tremendous Potential"

Adrian Lilywhite, of Cape Verde Property, recently wrote on Property Wire before the renovation of Maio's airport was completed that the island's property market slowed considerably because of it, however he added, when the airport is complete, it will allow the island to fulfil its tremendous potential...