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What is Cape Verde and Maio

Located in the Atlantic Ocean 500 miles, off the coast of Senegal, West Africa, is the small independent nation of Cape Verde. As a result of being a colony of Portugal for nearly 500 years, its development was at a snail’s pace until 1975 when Cape Verde received its independence.

Cape Verde is made up of seven main islands with a total land mass of a little over 4,000 square miles. This small nation has no resources such as minerals and oil... however, it is rich in sun, white sand beaches, friendly inhabitants and a stable democratic government.

Of the seven islands there are three "Sun Islands" which possess most of the white sand beaches. There are: Boa Vista, 50 km; Sal 7 km, and Maio nearly 30 km. With such blessings, it is easy to understand why Boa Vista and Sal receive their share of hotels, tourists, and retirement communities but Maio has not as it has until now, Maio is the forgotten island. This is not to imply that Maio is primitive by any means. The island has utilities, a new hospital, and many modern businesses in Vila do Maio, the capital, however, the density of business is disproportional with the rest of the island. With the exception of Casa Blanca (the supermarket in Morro) and a handful of small shops, there are no businesses on the rest of the island. This given foreign businessmen and the retired a grand opportunity to become a part of Maio’s bright future.

At present Maio has a population of about 8,000, the best weather in Cape Verde (average 26°C), the most sunny days, a brief rainy season, long stretches of virginal white sand beaches, and no tourists... because Maio has no tourist hotel as yet!

As the world, Maio has felt the economic, much as did Lanzarote in the Canary Islands in the early ‘70s. Future thinkers that bought into this slow down are multi-millionaires today, or what of the future thinkers that bought into the American stock market a few years back. Today they are reaping the rewards of their perseverance.

Those who are seriously considering buying a retirement, vacation home, or business in an idyllic location, NOW IS THE TIME! Sal and Boa Vista have seen their bargain days. Now it is time for Maio. Don’t miss it!



Each Island of Cape Verde has an area which it considers a prime location. Maio’s area is called FUNCHAGO... a large piece of property with a superb location, situated in the heart of the on-coming development area. With easy accessibility... yet considering its large size (162,000m2) it will be left to blissful tranquility and natural beauty. Homes built on large lots (500m2) will also insulate against the world outside.


Funchago’s location is unmatched in Cape Verde: to the South, a wildlife sanctuary, three km to Vila... 272 m on the main highway... access to utilities... on the west, a walk away to one of the best white sand beaches in all of Cape Verde... but why is FUNCHAGO SO VIVIDLY UNIQUE?

Besides the numerous amenities and location mentioned there is one thing that gives FUNCHAGO its standout... TREES!


FUNCHAGO is 40% forested with several species of large, hearty Acacia trees and saplings which were never propagated by hand... instead by natural selection which gives FUNCHAGO a peaceful, charming beauty.



Homes in FUNCHAGO are built on request for a bargain price of 149,000 € with payment terms for those who qualify. Several designs are available (as shown). The home which is most popular is a style called SKYVIEW. Which are built in such a unique see through manner that it is possible to see from the living area a view of the mountains on one side and the sea on the other... all at the same time. Dwellings are constructed on a spacious, 500m2, plot. All homes are two-story with garage and utility room under the first level which has a large living area with kitchen. Second level has two bedrooms each with a bathroom and a tiled roof-top patio. The stairwell is covered for both beauty and security.

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Funchago - Information

Note: Funchago Village has been endorsed by the local Ilha do Maio Government (Camara). A building land plot may be reserved using the plot map, with a small deposit.


Funchago - "Tremendous Potential"

Adrian Lilywhite, of Cape Verde Property, recently wrote on Property Wire before the renovation of Maio's airport was completed that the island's property market slowed considerably because of it, however he added, when the airport is complete, it will allow the island to fulfil its tremendous potential...


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