• Casa Bar

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  • Casa Calheta

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  • Casa Carmen

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  • Casa Carpenteria

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  • Casa Velha

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IMO Maio Lda

imo maio lda logo IMO Maio are an established Real Estate Agency on Ilha do Maio and offer security when purchasing a Cape Verde property. IMO Maio is the first official real estate agency registered specialist of the island of Maio. We bring you all the technical and legal assistance for your project until your final title and more. With our partners, we are a team of professionals in real estate transactions and construction. With our experience, we support you in your choices and offer our legal expertise, financial and technical self to achieve your investment projects.

Real Estate Agency
  • Transaction, purchase, sale, villas, land, apartments, commercial space, office, business
  • Legal Assistance, Representation, the legalisation of title
  • Financing, Searching, consulting, case management
  • Renting, seasonal and long term: marketing, hospitality, entry and exit places
  • Property Management, of both individual and joint ownership (maintenance, invoice, household ...)
Construction and Assistance
  • Build Type, house, apartment, villa, residence, commercial space, local business
  • Architect, Surveyor, Network engineering as water, sewer, electricity
  • Building Permits
  • Consultation, Specifications, validation contract
  • Management structure, Technical, report site, Connection, reception
  • Logistics Purchasing, transportation, inventory management
Maintenance and development work
  • Utility Services, electricity, plumbing, carpentry, painting, metalwork
  • Outdoor Servives, garden creation, swimming pools
Home and Security Services
  • Home Services, delegation of maintenance and kitchen staff
  • Security Servives, design, installation, maintenance of security system alarm autonomous action
  • Home Security, porter and property access management
Property Home Insurance
  • Insurance graduate, of the central bank of Cape Verde, business card No. 12-135
  • Property, home Main, rental, condominium, liability, fire, theft, natural disaster, vehicle third collision, theft, all risks
  • personal Liability, Life insurance, travel
  • Other, business transcargo port