How to Get to Ilha do Maio? in Cape Verde


Cape Verde has excellent air links between the US, AFRICA and EUROPE served by many major airlines led by the country’s flag ship, TACV INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES, a modern, well managed company with an excellent safety record.

From Europe or the US, the islands are reached through connections from the international airports on the islands of Sal and Praia (Santiago).


Maio is reached internationally through connections at Praia (10 minutes from Maio...10.400 escudos roundtrip.) Its small, modern airport has grown steadily in recent years. The long tarmac was built with the future in mind even to accommodate large commercial airlines. There are plans in the future to have direct flights from Sal.


The island’s new port has an excellent jetty which accommodates domestic lines, as well as large cruise ships starting in December. The local ferry to Praia takes 2 1/2—3hours...2 times a week… costs: 1,200escudos.


The brief drive from the airport to Vila do Maio, the quaint capital of the island, is not the best advertisement for Maio…unless eyes are kept to the right on its treasure of cream-white sand beaches. The left view is a bareness created by natural limestone formations...and of late new housing and apartment develpements.

Vila do Maio grows from the sea on an incline which accounts for its superb views. On extremely clear days one can see in detail the large expanse of neighboring Santiago, lounging like a huge sea serpent in the distance (only 18 miles away).

Old houses display their red tile roofs of a bygone time…the new, flat, cement variety, gives the boxed-look of North Africa. The old church which in its heyday had been the heartbeat of the island’s social activities, appears oddly out of place… aged… stoic… with so many tales to tell.

Vila is in a flux of new growth...awakened to the 21st century with the stir of tourism and expatriates. Houses and dwellings which had been abandoned (especially those which face the main street) are a buzz of small local businesses which cater to visitors.


The island has a bounty of fresh, delicious sea foods: tuna, grouper, lobster, sardine, and many more. A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables mainly from Praia, can be purchased from street vendors. Animals are fed imported grain, thus meat is expensive by local standards. The stables are fish, rice, potatoes, and ...

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