Why Visit Ilha do Maio? People and Weather in Cape Verde

Welcome to Maio, the Last Paradise

Why Maio?

Maio had humble beginnings, but nothing is humble about the island’s uniqueness. Maio has all of the necessary ingredients to be the last paradise for tourists: long stretches of virgin, white sand beaches accenting a vivid blue sea and sky untouched by pollution (Maio has the second largest number of white sand beaches of the nine major islands (29.6k)...mountain vistas, eternal dry summer-like climate cooled by prevailing, gentle trade winds, only a few days of rain a year...a small population (6500), the most friendly inhabitants found on this troubled planet...phone lines, electricity, best overall water system in the country, and a modern desalination and electrical plant…… land prices and home building costs fractional compared to world prices...10 minutes by air to the island’s capital (Praia), 1 1/2 hours by ferry and the most important for investors, a tourist industry which has a huge potential but has barely begun.

The People

Due to many generations of isolation, the African blood line has remained pure on Maio in comparison with the other islands. The inhabitants are handsome, hard-working, fun loving, gentle, tolerant, renowned in the islands for their hospitality and friendliness. They genuinely welcome visitors… always ready to befriend or rescue a stranger in distress. They are sports minded especially football (as seen by a rather large football stadium) but the favorite past-time, they share with the other islands is viewing steamy TV novellas from Brazil and Portugal. All activities are put aside each night when all ages and sexes become mesmerized by TV screens.

With an increase in building, job opportunities have steadily improved their standard of living. Many also continue to tend their garden plots sustained by irrigation from deep water wells, and for a time after a brief period of rain, everyone becomes a farmer.


Cape Verde enjoys summer-like, dry, warm, tropical climate all year long, Due to its location in a zone where the northeast winds predominate its weather, CV is much milder than those neighboring countries located on the same latitude. The average year around temperature is idyllic at: 25°(c) with changes not exceeding 10° due to the ocean where the water temperatures stay between a low of 21°(c) in February and March and a high of 25°(c) in September and October.

Maio has a perfect average means temperature of 73 (F)… eternal summer-like weather with very little change from season to season. A gentle prevailing breeze cools the island with only a few days of rain annually. The sporadic rainy season which occurs during August, September and October, is short in duration and degree.

why visit ilha do maio? people and weather why visit ilha do maio? people and weather why visit ilha do maio? people and weather
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