Currency Exchange, Rent-a-Car, Night Life and Insects in Cape Verde

Tourist Currency Exchange, Rent-a-Car, Night Life and Insects


Maio is perhaps the most crime free place on earth and its police force has been increased to ten members to see that it stays that way. This is not to say Maio is completely crime free. What place is. Common sense will ensure you an enjoyable holiday. Of course, watch valuables on village beaches.


The currency in Cape Verde is the CV Escudo which is at present approximately 85 to one US dollar. The only bank is Maio is BCA Bank….. the nation’s largest. Note: Always carry a lot of change and 200 escudo bills. No one in Maio seems to have change.


There are several options for renting a vehicle at a price of between 4500—6000 escudos. It is more economical to rent for a 24-hour period, then you will have transportation for the afternoon or the next day to explore the beaches which have previously drawn your attention. If your excursions includes the more remote northern part of the island, it is highly advisable to hire a local driver-guide who speaks a common language, and knows how to maneuver the roads. (Ask at your hotel)


In the near past, no one came to Maio in search of its night life. After the evening meal, the only diversion was to chat at the many small bars…or perhaps take a moonlight stroll on the beach under star-filled skies before retiring...but not today. There are several discotheques and restaurant bars which have recently opened.


Yes, Maio has flies especially during the rainy season; however, a concentrated governmental efforts to destroy animal corrals near villages for hygienic and expansion purposes, has done much to eradicate them and other insects.

Although Vila has a hot, dry climate, mosquitoes somehow manage to find breeding requirements; however they do not present a health hazard. There are no poisonous insects albeit an occasional centipede.


Unexpectedly, trees are found on the western and central portions of the island. This is the result of a reforestation project begun several years ago to plant millions of trees throughout the islands. In past years, hand planting in the mountains and natural propagation has spread trees throughout Maio, These are several varieties of African Acacia trees with a deep root system and require very little water. The locals feel that these trees are competition for their precious fresh-water wells used for irrigation. Despite the controversy the distained trees serve many proposes: shade, habitat for many rare bird species, charcoal, fire wood and produces a rich, nutritious ...

currency exchange, rent-a-car, night life and insects currency exchange, rent-a-car, night life and insects currency exchange, rent-a-car, night life and insects
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