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Nearing the airport on the right at the half-way point between Morro and Vila is an unexpected large forested area known as Funchago. This unique site is a haven for many of CVs bird species and flocks of chattering resident guinea fowl.

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Nearing Vila (6 kilometers from Morro) the area has changed in recent years by the expansion of Vila proper. Houses, apartments and a community for mostly foreign residents is at present being constructed.

In Summary

The east coast of Maio is a justified excursion, The reward is up ahead: colorful villages become more enchanting, a reminder of Portugal’s past influences. Stares will last longer and the smiles wider especially if you greet the local gentry with a simple "Bom dia".(pronounced: bone dia)

The entire excursion when spending only a few minutes in each village will not take over 3 hours (much less in the future when the road is completed). At a leisure pace, the entire around-the-island tour with stops and beach time will take about 8 hours...and well worth the effort. After the trip one realizes that MAIO HAS A LOT OF TREES and not barren as it may first appear!


A short time ago a ceramic craft shop was built in Morro to establish the beginning of locally-made tourist souvenirs. Although it was years ahead of its time for the demand, it has proven itself a worthy project.


A modern system of communication can be found at the post office (Correios), where you can post letters, fax and make local, inter-island or oversea telephone calls. Calls may be made inside the office or to call after hours, purchase a telephone card. There are two public telephones stalls in Vila: one just outside the post office and the other in the central plaza...also one in Morro. There are also several small businesses which have public accesses to telephones.

There are internet connections at Photo Neves (which has no copy, scan or printing facilities) and the a cost of 300 escudos for one hour. There are also a growing number of smaller businesses that have connections in Vila. Note: If you have a telephone, private internet connection can be had through Cape Verde Telecom for a monthly fee.


In business Maio yet observes the Portuguese tradition of a long afternoon break. Usual office hours: Mon-Fri 0800-200 and continues from 3-6. This is changing however, especially with workmen who prefer to work a continuous 8-hour day from 6 or 7 AM.

funchago, arts, handicraft, post, internet and business hours funchago, arts, handicraft, post, internet and business hours funchago, arts, handicraft, post, internet and business hours
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