Morro and the Local Pottery Factory in Cape Verde

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10:45 Morro, is the island’s third largest village (500 inhabitants and growing) Morro which was settled more recently is surely to benefit from the growing tourism due to its location on the main road, the half way point between Vila and Calheta. It is situated atop a rise with a magnificent sea view silhouetted by a background of tall coconut palms, creating a back drop of lovely sunsets.

Morro has the best public water system in the entire country, along with electricity and phone lines. Many of the friendly inhabitants are retired seamen from European shipping companies who speak English.

Morro's livelihood is tending cows, goats and small irrigated farm plots nearby. It had planned for future growth with a public park and wide streets soon to be tree-lined. The village's prosperity can be seen with new home construction on the right hand side of the highway. A few foreigners have bought old houses in the village to renovate. Morro is fortunate to have the first supermarket on the island which will open soon. The best beaches on the Island are in full view on leaving Morro.

Pottery Factory

A few years ago a pottery factory was begun in Morro as a government's plan to institute arts and handicraft as a viable industry. In the past, due to a lack of interest in Cape Verde tourist prospects, the arts and handicraft on a whole was neglected and forgotten. Most of the handicraft that is available at the country’s shops and markets especially wood carvings, originate from Senegal.

Today Morro’s pottery factory is slowly achieving the goal in which it was intended and an interesting place to brows and buy souvenirs. Knock on the door after hours. The manager lives on the premises.

morro and the local pottery factory morro and the local pottery factory
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