Visiting Sal and the Santa Maria Stress Free Life


Praia to Sal by TACV, Santa Maria & Webcams

Thursday 6th December 2012

tacv praia to sal, a few days relaxing in santa maria, tacv flight landed on sal. visited the rui hotel at ponta preta and the bars of santa maria then the tacv flight to boa vista.
Photo 12, Maio Table, Santa Maria, Sal

Breakfast at the Hotel Sabura was excellent, especially the freshly cooked ham omelette. We are amazed how Sal has changed since we last visited it in 2006. The main difference is the roads which have been furnished with palm trees, green asphalt pedestrian walkways, lighting, seating, bus-stop lay-bys and parking bays which even allow for disabled parking. We spent the day reminiscing and finding old haunts. For example, the bar which had tables shaped and mapped for each of the Cape Verde islands, had sold these tables to another nearby bar, close to the main square in Santa Maria. We sat at the Maio table and had an iced tea.

We did the usual thing and waved to the webcams outside the Morabeza Hotel, in case someone who knew us was watching on the Cape Verde webcam website. We watched the local lads playing football in the beach and the holiday makers enjoying beach life. The Senegalese street sellers are much less annoying now. They seem to have learned the meaning of “no thank you”.

It is so warm and sunny, we keep thinking of how it will hurt to get back to the UK and the cold.


Friday 7th December 2012

photo 13, ponta preta beach, sal
Photo 13, Ponta Preta Beach, Sal

After breakfast, we walked over the road to Ponta Preta beach, where they hold some of the world Kite Surfing competitions. The beach was busy by Cape Verde standard, mainly with visitors escaping from their Riu hotel complex.

Stopped for an ice tea in a beachside café and watched the beach life go by. We have really enjoyed our stay on Sal, despite the disappointment of having to leave Maio early. Our stay was topped off with a delicious meal in a Santa Maria restaurant this afternoon and a relaxing evening at our hotel Sabura. The manageress, Susanna, even printed off our e-tickets for Sunday’s excursion to Fogo.

photo 14, lifeguard on duty, santa maria, sal
Photo 14, Lifeguard on Duty, Santa Maria, Sal

Cape Verde is so relaxing and stress free, (apart from TACV scheduling). On all of the islands there is always something interesting going on; families meeting, guitarists, bongo drummers, dancing children, boys watching girls and girls taunting boys...


Saturday 8th December 2012

photo 15, kalema hotel balcony, boa vista
Photo 15, Kalema Hotel Balcony, Boa Vista

Another sunny day in paradise and a delicious breakfast before the TACV taxi came to take us to the airport. The flight to Boa Vista was an hour and a quarter earlier than scheduled. It was just as well we were at the airport early. The propeller plane did the flight in 20 minutes and we were soon checked into our hotel Luca Kalema in Sal Rei. This is overlooking the fishing pier and we have a sea view balcony – very nice!

We relaxed in Boa Vista sunshine for the rest of the day, except for the half an hour when Chris realised that Premiership football was on TV in our room.

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