Ilha do Maio Island by A Local Resident


A Local's View of the Paradise of Maio Island

MORINHO Near to Morrinho extended salt pans can be found about 1200 metres from the sea. The baia de Santana is a deserted beach in the shape of a semi-circle. It is the beach where the fishermen go fishing from Morrinho and turtles also go to spawn. Nearby there are two beautiful beaches: the baia de Porto Cais and Praia Real, where turtles can be seen and where there are shells and crustaceans abound.
BAIA de SANTANA is a deserted beach in the shape of semi-circle. It is the beach that the fishermen from MORRINHO use and the turtles too are also fond of this beach.
Nearby are two more beautiful beaches, BAIA de PORTO CAIS and PRAIA REAL, where the turtles can be seen and where there is an abundance of shellfish.

PEDRO VAZ The village appears at the top of a hilly decline. The football field is the first noticed on the left, then the village nestled in a picturesque valley of trees many of which are palms. This once thriving area (the first capital of the island) is slowly being abandoned due to the lack of employment. The large dominant structure is a hospital which was built by the US government. It is puzzling why Vila was not chosen instead of the sparsely populated area.

Ilha do Maio Photographs

a beautiful maio sunset towards santiago
A Beautiful Maio Sunset Towards Santiago
loading the island supply ferry sotavento
Loading the Island Supply Ferry Sotavento
the perfect white dunes of morrinho
The Perfect White Dunes of Morrinho
tourist boats and ferry docked at maio harbour
Tourist Boats and Ferry Docked at Maio Harbour
the green island of maio with trees and bushes
The Green Island of Maio with Trees and Bushes
empty white sandy beaches and blue sea
Empty White Sandy Beaches and Blue Sea
the small village of pedro vaz
The Small Village of Pedro Vaz
cheap fresh fish especially yellow fin tuna
Cheap Fresh Fish Especially Yellow Fin Tuna
good bye from maio to the farm animals
Good Bye from Maio to the Farm Animals
locals fishing in ponta preta
Locals Fishing in Ponta Preta
beautiful white paradise at morrinho
Beautiful White Paradise at Morrinho
monte penoso, the highest point on maio island
Monte Penoso, the Highest Point on Maio Island
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