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Dengue Fever and News Update,
Ilha do Maio News Update (page 1)

Elisabeth, a Maio Residents Gallery - December 2009

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The Marine Princess Fast Ferry is coming at regular intervals as the program shows (see image #1). If visitors to Maio have no chance, at Praia, to buy a ticket, then you can do it in Maio and then hand over to the officials in the port of Praia.

In the last 16 days the Government of Cape Verde instigated a very important campaign against Dengue Fever. The action was to spray all houses, inside and outside, with insecticide around Vila do Maio. Clean all gardens and cutting the acacia trees.
It was a huge operation for everybody to prepare everything for spraying, to keep all food in the kitchen, to save clothes and not to touch with insecticide spray. For two weeks I prepared everything in my house and garden – a lot of work! But extremely necessary and important! Now it's clean of mosquitoes, flies, "kakerlakes" and other black terrible beetles and bugs. Unfortunately, the insecticide kills spiders, butterflies and other beautiful insects. In the next few weeks the Military will continue the action all around the island.


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