World Bank Evaluates Maio Port Project




In August, a World Bank delegation visiting Cape Verde, and will visit the Isle of Maio to assess the design of Porto Inglês with a view to its operation, said the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Sara Lopes.

According to the minister, the port in Maio, along with that of St. Nicholas Tarrafal are priorities of the government, which is seeking funding for both infrastructure. "On August 22 in Cape Verde should be a delegation from the World Bank in Maio and will evaluate the roads that need some intervention, but also to evaluate the possibility of financing the port," he said.

In addition to the WB, the minister assured that the government has asked the African Development Bank (ADB) to include the port on the agenda. "Whosoever therefore will be the first to leave funding for the port, which is an urgent need," he said, adding that several short-term solutions have been sought, but are not operational, taking into account the characteristics of the country and the island.

Dependent on the amount provided by these international financial institutions, the government can decide whether to forward the construction of a port from scratch or rehabilitate the existing one. "There are two projects planned, one that would invest in the existing harbor with changes to the structure in order to transform it into a port atracável and another that would be to build a new port in Pau Seca," he said.

Lopes notes that if the government get more than $20 million - about 1.7 billion escudos - will reshape the port, but the design of the new port remains.

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