Cape Verde President visits Ilha do Maio




President Pedro Pires begins a two-day visit to the island of Maio today, May 9. There, the head of state plans to meet with Maio mayor Emanuel Ribeiro and with local councilmen.

The President will also visit a number of educational establishments, including the Red Cross kindergarten, an elementary school and the Maio secondary school, as well as the island’s new Health Center, the worksite of the new municipal building, the Customs House and the salt production cooperative, all of them in the city of Porto Inglês.

Pedro Pires will also visit the villages of Morro, Calheta, Morrinho, Cascabulho, Pedro Vaz, Praia Gonçalo, Santo António, Alcatraz, Pilão Cão, Ribeira Dom João, Figueiras and Barreiro.

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