CV Fast Ferry, Maio Port Requires Adaption




Cabo Verde Fast Ferry, Maio Port Requires AdaptionA little over a month until the arrival of the first Fast Ferry Kriola from Cabo Verde Fast Ferry (CVFF). CVFF is waiting for an adjustment that has to be made to the port in Maio before it can receive the new ferry.
According to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the CVFF company, Andy Andrade, "The port in Maio has to be adapted with a ramp to receive the ferry."

Andy Andrande told the "Voice Djarmai di", a gathering of entrepreneurs and the Dutch Cape Verdeans in Rotterdam, "The CVFF, is sensitive to the problem of maritime connection between Praia / Maio / Praia, could not Djarmai out the project", but Andrade says that "without port adaptation this connection will be impossible." However, he claims to be in contact with the Mayor of Maio, Manuel Ribeiro, and ENAPOR who have been unwilling to resolve this issue.

Note that the ferry Kriola "already done this month and was baptised on October 22 in Singapore should, according to Andrade, arrive in Cape Verde between 24 and 26 December. However, judging by how things have gone, the people maense have to wait a while to see the resolved problem of sea transport.

Article: CV Fast Ferry á espera da adaptação do porto do Maio


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