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Maio Nature and Wildlife in Cabo Verde

The Salina in Vila do Maio and the surrounding sand dunes and semi-desert areas are the home to many birds including migratory shorebirds and wading birds. It provides nesting grounds for marine turtles (Caretta caretta), geckos and skins (Tarentola rudis, Mabuya spinalis), larks, an endemic subspecies of the cream-colored courser (Cursorius curser excul) and the largest breeding Kentish plover (Charadrius alexandrinus) population in the Atlantic Oceanic Islands.
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As a result of extensive tree planting since 1975, there are forests of acacia on Maio, which are some of the largest forested areas in Cape Verde.

Protected Nature Areas on Maio

In Maio Island protected are the Terras Salgadas – Natural Reserve, the majority of the photographs were taken in this location.

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abutre do egipto (egyptian vulture) photographed on maio
Abutre do Egipto (Egyptian Vulture) Photographed on Maio
around maio island tour
Around Maio Island Tour
egyptian vulture (necrophagous bird) on maio island
Egyptian Vulture (Necrophagous Bird) on Maio Island
releasing of a sparrow, caught in a mouse trap
Releasing of a Sparrow, Caught in a Mouse Trap
stunning flat spider found on terras salgadas, maio
Stunning Flat Spider Found on Terras Salgadas, Maio
antlion (terrestrial creature)
Antlion (Terrestrial Creature)
view from ponta preta to the harbour
View from Ponta Preta to the Harbour
large cuttle fish found on maio
Large Cuttle Fish Found on Maio
cats used to guard clothes while you swim
Cats Used to Guard Clothes While You Swim
tropical plants and flowers of maio
Tropical Plants and Flowers of Maio
local fishing boats ready to go sea
Local Fishing Boats Ready to Go Sea
releasing of a wild mouse
Releasing of a Wild Mouse
jellyfish skeleton washed up on the beach
Jellyfish Skeleton Washed Up on the Beach
aerial view of vila do maio
Aerial View of Vila do Maio
a beautiful gecko found on maio
A Beautiful Gecko Found on Maio
beautiful bird watchers paradise
Beautiful Bird Watchers Paradise
view across the terra salgadas natural reserve
View Across the Terra Salgadas Natural Reserve
local carvings of fish on maio
Local Carvings of Fish on Maio
enormous cuttle fish found on a maio beach
Enormous Cuttle Fish Found on a Maio Beach
aerial view of ponta preta maio
Aerial View of Ponta Preta Maio
view towards salinas beach resort from ponta preta
View Towards Salinas Beach Resort from Ponta Preta
beautiful flora and fauna of maio island
Beautiful Flora and Fauna of Maio Island
some local food for maio crabs
Some Local Food for Maio Crabs

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