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Maio Nature and Wildlife

The Salina in Vila do Maio and the surrounding sand dunes and semi-desert areas are the home to many birds including migratory shorebirds and wading birds. It provides nesting grounds for marine turtles (Caretta caretta), geckos and skins (Tarentola rudis, Mabuya spinalis), larks, an endemic subspecies of the cream-colored courser (Cursorius curser excul) and the largest breeding Kentish plover (Charadrius alexandrinus) population in the Atlantic Oceanic Islands.
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As a result of extensive tree planting since 1975, there are forests of acacia on Maio, which are some of the largest forested areas in Cape Verde.

Protected Nature Areas on Maio

In Maio Island protected are the Terras Salgadas – Natural Reserve, Casas Velhas – Natural Reserve, Barareiro e Figueira – Natural Park, Lagoa Cimidor – Natural Reserve, Praia do Morro – Natural Reserve, Salinas de Porto Inglês – Protected Landscape, Monte Penoso e Monte Branco – Protected Landscape and Monte Santo António – Protected Landscape.

View the Photographs of Maio below:

various sea life creatures of maio
Various Sea Life Creatures of Maio
mouse release on maio
Mouse Release on Maio
local maio football field
Local Maio Football Field
balloon fish on a dive trip
Balloon Fish on a Dive Trip
ferry from praia to maio arrives
Ferry from Praia to Maio Arrives
monte penoso with view of maio
Monte Penoso with View of Maio
maio has an inner island green oasis
Maio Has an Inner Island Green Oasis
praia perdida in the north of maio
Praia Perdida in the North of Maio
panoramic view from on maio
Panoramic View from on Maio
welcome to maio pilao cao
Welcome to Maio Pilao Cao
school of fish on a dive trip on maio
School of Fish on a Dive Trip on Maio
open flat areas of maio
Open Flat Areas of Maio
famous maio paved roads
Famous Maio Paved Roads
maio to praia flight at maio airport
Maio to Praia Flight at Maio Airport
15cm centipede on the way home
15Cm Centipede on the Way Home
angel fish on a dive trip
Angel Fish on a Dive Trip
bright green colourful maio grasshopper
Bright Green Colourful Maio Grasshopper
removing the skin of a gecko on maio
Removing the Skin of a Gecko on Maio
welcome to ilha do maio in cabo verde
Welcome to Ilha do Maio in Cabo Verde
another campsite, its hard to find shade
Another Campsite, Its Hard to Find Shade
maio restaurant plate of lobster barrigada
Maio Restaurant Plate of Lobster Barrigada
osga moorish gecko (tarentola mauritanica)
Osga Moorish Gecko (Tarentola Mauritanica)
another little gecko from maio
Another Little Gecko from Maio
old maio fishermans houses
Old Maio Fishermans Houses
maio spider to avoid
Maio Spider to Avoid
a large grasshopper on maio
A Large Grasshopper on Maio
gecko wildlife on maio
Gecko Wildlife on Maio
nosey maio donkey
Nosey Maio Donkey
descent from the mountains of maio
Descent from the Mountains of Maio
fish swimming in the seas of maio
Fish Swimming in the Seas of Maio
huge mountains of shells on the beach
Huge Mountains of Shells on the Beach
camping out on the plains of maio
Camping out on the Plains of Maio
ferry from praia to maio
Ferry from Praia to Maio
shark spotting during dive in maio
Shark Spotting During Dive in Maio
maio has golden wide quiet beaches
Maio Has Golden Wide Quiet Beaches
local maio fisherman
Local Maio Fisherman
maio trees being devoured by locusts
Maio Trees Being Devoured by Locusts
view from the harbour vila do maio
View from the Harbour Vila do Maio
sunrise from maio to santiago
Sunrise from Maio to Santiago
moon over maio
Moon over Maio
arrival at thepeak of monte penoso
Arrival at Thepeak of Monte Penoso
flag of cape verde and cabo verde
Flag of Cape Verde and Cabo Verde
maio quiet beaches for relaxing
Maio Quiet Beaches for Relaxing
ray fish on a dive trip
Ray Fish on a Dive Trip
monte penoso highest point of maio 431 metres high
Monte Penoso Highest Point of Maio 431 Metres High
abandoned house with a few spiders for shelter
Abandoned House with a Few Spiders for Shelter
maio gecko on the rocks
Maio Gecko on the Rocks
transportation ferry from praia to maio
Transportation Ferry from Praia to Maio
calourful houses of maio
Calourful Houses of Maio
the maio salinas area
The Maio Salinas Area
garoupa fish on a dive trip
Garoupa Fish on a Dive Trip

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